Product Name: LX Binocular Loupe System "/> Elite LX Binocular Loupe System Saudi Arabia
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LX Binocular Loupe System

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LX Binocular Loupe System
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Product Name: LX Binocular Loupe System
Product Description:



Knobs to adjust the intra-pupillary positioning

Leight weight Design


Achromatic lenses provide a clear, crisp and quality image. 

Special achromatic coating technologies reduce light reflection to 1%. 




Product Order Codes
Product Name LX Galilean Flip Up
Item Code    Mag.   Working distance  Field of View   Depth of Field  
 XS25340  2.5x  340mm   100mm  89mm
 XS25420  2.5x 420mm  120mm  127mm 
 XS25460 2.5x  460mm  130mm  89mm 
 XS25500  2.5x  500mm 140mm  127mm 
 XS30340 3.0x  340mm  65mm  77mm 
 XS30420 3.0x  420mm  90mm  152mm 
 XS30460 3.0x  460mm   110mm 150mm 
 XS30500 3.0x  500mm  125mm  165mm 
 XS35340 3.5x  340mm  60mm  65mm 
 XS35420 3.5x  420mm  90mm  110mm 
 XS35460 3.5x  460mm  100mm  130mm 
 XS35500 3.5x  500mm  115mm  175mm 
Product Name:  LX Keplerian Flip Up
Item Code    Mag.   Working distance   Field of View   Depth of Field  
XK40340 4.0x 340mm 55mm 300mm-365mm
XK40420 4.0x 420mm 60mm 360mm-460mm
XK40460 4.0x 460mm 62mm 405mm-530mm
XK40500 4.0x 500mm 70mm 425mm-580mm
XK45340 4.5x 340mm 45mm 310mm-370mm
XK45420 4.5x 420mm 50mm 380mm-465mm
XK45460 4.5x 460mm 60mm 440mm-510mm
XK45500 4.5 500mm 65mm 440mm-565mm
Higher Magnification for advanced procdures*     
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Color Black
Manufacturer Origin Germany
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