About us


Become the market leader in the scientific industry to enhance standards of research, quality and safety through our innovated professionalism.


To provide one stop technology solution to create value proposition for each individual associated with the industry.



About Us
Elite Solutions Est has been founded with the objective to provide complete hi-tech solution under one click for our valued customers.

It is a complete and ideal integrated provider for all medical needs. It supplies affordable yet top quality and durable analytic Instruments, lab equipment’s, reagents, consumables as well as product related services for research, analysis, discovery and diagnostics in:

  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech companies
  • Hospital & Clinical labs
  • Universities
  • Research Institutions
  • Government Agencies
  • Process Control Settings & more…

Whilst ensuring sound, clean and healthy environment needs.

In addition to our products, our large network, trusting clients, region of suppliers, logistic networks, IT support and service centers allow us to stand unique in our offerings to be the best service provider in the industry.

Our customers span the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the head office located primarily in Jeddah whilst expanding quickly into the Capital region of Riyadh. What started as a few clients, our growth is not only limited  to the western region but covering all 6 province of the Kingdom & increasing day by day.

We are supported by sturdy & promising suppliers from all over the world; USA, Poland, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, France & China are few to be named. Such versatility gives a wide range of optimal options to our dear customers for their liberty choosing.  Our unique package henceforth, helps our customers improve material quality, performance and increase productivity.

Our team strives to provide our clients with a truly exceptional service experience. We believe relationships are based upon trust and we make sure our communication and services exceeds the expectation of our client.

Additionally, years of fine experience of our team has honed us to the best of our capabilities in the respective field giving us an edge over our competitors and rigid  trust earned from our customers. After all, nothing speaks louder than the voice of experience. 

This enables the company to be at the forefront of providing our customers with the necessary technical education, guidance and application consultancy in choosing the right solution based upon the required test and applications.